Book a LIVE Performance Just for You (and your family and friends)!

If you would like to support my musical journey and help me raise money for my "After Juilliard Survival Fund" that enables me to pay for voice lessons, pianists, and to keep learning and perfecting my craft...CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE 1015 songs from the 'Top 100 List' below and I will sing them in a SPECIAL 2 hour PRIVATE SUNDAY LIVE JUST FOR YOU on my YouTube Channel ( and will dedicate songs you choose to special people in your life (US$1,000):

Step 1: Choose your favorite 1015 songs from the 'Maggie's Top 100+ songs'

Step 2: Click on PayPal link below, choose the option to send money, and enter the appropriate information.

Step 3: In the note section, please provide the names of the songs you would like me to sing for you and your requested time on any SUNDAY and I will confirm the Sunday date and time with you as soon as I get your request. If there is a dedication you would like me to read please include that as well. (If you have a name you would like to be referred to as other than the name listed on PayPal, please include this information).


Step 4: Yay!! You’re on the list! If I am busy with Juilliard or booked with other performances, we will arrange a different Sunday just for you! Once I confirm your date and if you miss the LIVE stream, it can not be rescheduled and the US$1,000 fee is non-refundable.

Thank you sooooo much for your support of my musical journey! 😉😍 👍💖🎵