Sponsor a 👀 REACTION - LIVE! (US$100)

Step 1: Choose your favorite artist/group.

Step 2: Click on PayPal link below, choose the option to send money, and enter the appropriate information.

Step 3: In the note section, please provide the name of the song and artist of your choice, a link to the video you would like to be reacted to, as well as any information/disclaimers that may be pertinent to the reminders listed below. (If you have a name you would like to be referred to as other than the name listed on PayPal, please include this information and remember to click on "Send").


Step 4: Yay!! You’re on the list! Make sure you attend our next livestreams to react with me LIVE to YOUR sponsored reaction! Your donation is non-refundable, but you will never miss your reaction request even if you miss the LIVE stream as it simply gets bumped to the next live stream. I stream LIVE weekly on Twitch, for approximately 5-6 hours per steam: https://www.twitch.tv/MaggieReneeMusic It's FREE to watch, FREE to follow and FREE to subscribe with Amazon Prime! See you soon! 🌹

If you can't afford a reaction, no problem. Join our Discord https://discord.gg/ZzyBzdJsDX  and suggest your reaction choices there and my Patrons often check out your recommendations for a possible sponsorship. In addition we have Monthly Winners: Discord Choice and Patron Choice for most popular reaction requests each month. Good luck!

Friendly Reminders:

- Reaction videos should be suitable for viewing by a family audience. If a video contains profanity, adult themes, or controversial material, please provide a warning note to Maggie when making a request. 

- Please keep videos up to 7 minutes maximum in length unless otherwise approved by Maggie. This is to be fair to all sponsors and ensure that everyone has an opportunity to see their video of choice reacted to in a timely manner. 

- Please keep song information limited to a single source (Preferably one Wikipedia/Website link) to avoid confusion.

- If you wish to comment while Maggie is reacting, please feel free to add your own information in the chat - Maggie will make her best effort to read the chats, however, she may not be able to read everything as the chat moves quickly and she is focusing on many things at once to give her best reaction possible for you! 

- Your sponsored live reaction may end up being posted on the channel, especially if it's a popularly requested one by other subscribers @Maggie's discretion!

Thank you sooooo much for your support of my musical journey! 😉😍 👍💖🎵