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​A little about me: I am a Metropolitan Opera Grand Finalist Award Winner and Juilliard trained opera singer and vocal coach who loves all genres of music. singer-song-writer, and vocal coach who loves all genres of music, play guitar, piano, have a black belt in karate, and write original songs. I publish fun reaction videos on YouTube 3 times a week, do live streams on YouTube, on Twitch and here on Patreon, connect with you on Discord, ​Facebook and ​Instagram and post fun videos on TikTok. I created a special FREE vocal course for you called "Sing Better Instantly" and have an original CD out called "Craziest Feelings." I am currently working on my 2nd record with lots of cool new original songs for you to hear.

Here is one of my original songs called "My Hideaway"

Here is a cover of "Wicked Game"

Here is one of my reaction videos to Disturbed - The Sound of Silence 

I would love to share my expertise, training, and love of all genres of music more personally with you! To sponsor your own reactions and to react LIVE with me to your chosen artists on one of my next livestreams, here is the info you need: I share my original music on Patreon and hope that you will join us in our musical journey as we discover great artists and appreciate epic music together and form life-long friendships! 

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